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Dual Eligible Enrollment and Recertification 

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BeneLynk Dual Enrollment and Recertification Services

The challenges and opportunities of Dual Eligible Enrollment and Recertification have evolved a lot over the past few years. Changes in CMS capitation, increasing State Medicaid agency assistance with recertification, and the rise of available “big data” options necessitate a nimble, technology-driven approach. BeneLynk provides your members with just the right help, at just the right time.

Program Overview

  • Identify eligible Medicare Advantage members and link them with the resources and help necessary to enroll in Medicaid/Medicare Savings Programs
  • Deliver member-focused engagement to provide the right help at the right time, ensuring dual-enrolled members are recertified for their benefits
  • Positively impact the social determinants of health for Medicare members through resources, information and benefits

Current Enrollment

Resources are key: 79% of the eligible but not enrolled beneficiaries have never heard of a Medicare Savings Program*.

*Source: Enrolling Low-Income Beneficiaries in the Medicare Savings Programs: Pathways, Barriers and Program Impacts

Member-Focused Engagement

  • Communications are driven by member preferences
  • Preferred communication channel factored into engagement algorithm
  • Communications are integrated into health plan workflow


Our analytical power leverages Big Data.


We deliver the right message when and how the member needs it.


Personalized member engagement optimized for individual members.


Clear reporting ties processes to results.

MA Plan Benefits

  • Technology-driven cost structure provides superior service at reduced cost
  • Member-focused engagement delivers maximum engagement, with minimal member abrasion
  • Outcomes are transparent, and clearly tied to engagement
  • Communication workflow is integrated with health plan communications
  • Improved member retention, improved quality of care

Member Benefits

  • Members given assistance as needed to receive or retain dual eligible benefits
  • Members automatically qualify for money saving programs
  • BeneLynk service provides opportunity to positively impact the members social determinants of health
  • Increased retention results in better continuity of care for the member

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