The Power Behind BeneLynk

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BeneLynk provides innovative, technology-driven solutions that drive new dual enrollment and increase recertification rates for Medicare Advantage Plans.

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Our Services

BeneLynk serves Medicare Advantage (MA) Organizations and their members by

  • Linking MA eligible members with the necessary help to enroll in Medicaid/Medicare Savings Programs
  • Providing the right help at the right time to ensure Dual Enrolled members maintain their benefits (Recertification)
  • Positively impacting the social determinants of health for Medicare members

BeneLynk also provides a complete solution to identify and engage Veteran Members, ensuring systematic communication with the VA, and providing important healthcare information back to the Medicare Advantage Plan.

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Our Experience

BeneLynk brings innovative solutions to the Managed Care industry by understanding the intersection of healthcare and government benefits. BeneLynk was launched by a senior management team with decades of experience in Managed Care and Veterans Benefits. We’ve helped tens of thousands of seniors enroll in Medicaid and Medicare Savings programs and helped Veterans get the benefits they deserve.

Innovative, Transparent, Technology-Driven, Member-Centric

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